Sunday, June 19, 2011

Joseph Simmons Run's House Indoor Basketball Court

Joseph Simmons
Run's House Indoor Basketball Court ManCave

I love shooting hoops. I am not that crazy about playing basketball, but I find just hanging-out with a friend or by myself, while shooting hoops to be extremely therapeutic and it is a good way to maintain your flexibility and balance.

Joseph Simmons, best know as "Run" was one of the founding members of Run DMC. He has his own reality TV show named "Run's House" and in the following set of photos, we see him chillin' on his indoor basket ball court, which I believe is right of the kitchen.

I think it is fascinating how well thought-out the space-saving design of Run's indoor basketball court is. If you look closely, the hoop and backboard are attached to the wall so help save room. I would love to have a setup like this, but I would want the ability to lower the hoop so I could slam dunk the ball.

Joseph Simmons is now a practicing minister known as Reverend Run, and he is the younger brother of Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam Records.

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